Yamaha TRBX604FM Bass Guitar Matte Amber SN:IJX093377


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Loaded with professional features, the Yamaha TRBX604FM offers incredible value in a bass guitar. A classic tonewood combination of solid alder and stunning flamed maple delivers punch, bite, and sustain by the truckload. A comfortable 5-piece maple/mahogany neck combines excellent playability with superior tone and stability. Experience maximum sonic flexibility, by way of the TRBX604FM's YGD H5 pickups and audiophile-grade active/passive 3-band EQ. Beyond that, a high-mass die-cast bridge and innovative headstock design provide optimal vibration transfer and tuning stability. A battery-alert LED and satin matte finish round out the impressive TRBX604FM.

A classic tonewood recipe

The TRBX604FM is built from quality tonewoods. A solid alder body provides a balanced yet punchy foundation for this bass's tone, yielding equal doses of lows, mids, and highs. A stunning flamed maple top frames the TRBX604FM's basic tone with brightness, bite, and sustain. And the added snap and warmth provided by its 5-piece rosewood-capped maple/mahogany neck are the final ingredients in the TRBX604FM's classic tonal recipe.

Flexible active 3-band EQ

The bassists here at Sweetwater appreciate the clean, open tone exhibited by the TRBX604FM's dual YGD H5 pickups. Plug in, and you'll experience ample output and dynamic sensitivity, by way of these pickups' quad-pole-piece design and robust Alnico V magnets. Beyond that, the TRBX604FM is loaded with an audiophile-grade active/passive 3-band EQ. This flexible circuit offers a level-matched output in both passive or active modes, and tone-switching circuitry that moves seamlessly from treble control to master passive tone. And as an added bonus, a battery-alert LED prevents unexpected power losses when you're performing onstage.

Comfortable 5-piece maple/mahogany neck

If you're searching for extreme comfort, you'll enjoy playing the TRBX604FM. Its TRBX neck design combines a comfortable profile with 5-piece maple/mahogany construction for excellent tone and stability. This bass's refined neck joint reflects the perfect balance of strength, vibration transfer, and upper-fret access. And you'll benefit from superior tuning stability and reduced overtones, thanks to a headstock that virtually eliminates lateral string tension.

Yamaha TRBX604FM Electric Bass Guitar Features:

  • Solid alder body provides a balanced yet punchy tonal foundation
  • Stunning flamed maple top delivers brightness, bite, and sustain
  • YGD H5 pickups exhibit a clean, open tone with ample output and dynamic sensitivity
  • Audiophile-grade active/passive 3-band EQ ensures maximum sonic flexibility
  • 5-piece maple/mahogany neck yields excellent tone and stability
  • Refined neck joint balances strength, vibration transfer, and upper-fret access
  • High-mass die-cast bridge efficiently transfers string vibrations to the body
  • Headstock virtually eliminates lateral string tension for superior tuning stability and reduced overtones
  • Battery-alert LED prevents unexpected power losses when you're performing onstage
  • Durable plate-mounted jack socket
  • Attractive satin matte finish

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