Suhr Thornbucker II Bridge 53mm


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The all-new Thornbucker II bridge pickup is the latest evolution of Pete’s signature Suhr pickup. A new wind, a new magnet, a new signature Pete Thorn tone. Retaining the warmth and clarity of the original Thornbucker, yet adding a powerful punch and full-spectrum body. This new design can be found in Pete’s new Signature Standard HSS and now is available for order.

Pete has always been inspired by the “hot PAF into a cranked plexi” tones a legendary guitarist used to create magic in the 70’s and 80’s. This new design starts with our special Thornbucker wind, with a few more turns on the coil, up to 9k, paired with an Alnico II magnet. The Alnico II gives more of a warm top-end that perfectly blends with a high-gain, British sound. The result is high-notes have a body and openness, without too much top-end. Warmth, power, sweetness and clarity.

DC RESISTANCE: ~ 9.1KΩ (50mm) ~ 9.3KΩ (53mm)
WIRE TYPE: Plain Enamel

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