Stringjoy Signatures Balanced Medium Gauge 11-50


  • $11.90

Stringjoy Signatures | Balanced Medium Gauge (11-50) Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

So 10s aren’t quite enough for you, is that right? Don’t worry my friend, you’re in good company.

11s are the perfect middle ground—enough tension to get a nice meaty tone out of your guitar, but not so much that you can’t bend at all. Well, Stringjoys Balanced 11s are just the thing for you then.

The biggest tweak they made on these gauges is to go for a slightly heavier 6th string (a .050) to balance the whole set out better—giving you enough fullness on the bottom to complement the .011-.014-.018p top end.

Overall, this is a powerful but very flexible set that works great for everything from post-rock to praise & worship. 

Gauges: .011 – .014 – .018p – .028 – .038 – .050

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