Stringjoy Naturals Phosphor Bronze Mandolin Strings - .011 - .040 Medium


  • $11.90

Passionately crafted in Nashville, Stringjoy mandolin strings are a cost-effective solution when prepping for studio work, polishing sounds for your next gig, or even giving an old mandolin a new lease on life. Stringjoy employs a detailed initial design process and follows up with stringent quality control to make sure each pack of mandolin strings takes tone to incredible heights. Of course, the company offers gauge ranges and materials fit for every genre, whether you favor traditional bronze, modern phosphor bronze, or even long-lasting coated options! Professional and hobbyist players at Sweetwater recognize that Stringjoy strings bring tonewoods to life with a sound and feel that inspires.


Why choose Stringjoy?

When you dress your fretboard in Stringjoy strings, you’re not just settling for any “off-the-rack” string pack. In launching the world’s first true custom string shop in 2014, Stringjoy founder Scott Marquart has made it a point to always go the extra mile in building the fullest-sounding, best-performing, and longest-lasting strings possible. And such a commitment to perfecting the end sound of your instrument comes with an even greater dedication to craftsmanship, from the very start of the process to the very end. From electrics to acoustics, basses to baritones, and even folk instruments, the Nashville-based company is constantly evolving to deliver the best for your instrument. To put it plainly: Stringjoy understands the influence your strings have in terms of building your sound, and that’s a quality Sweetwater musicians can get behind!


Stringjoy Naturals Phosphor Bronze Mandolin Strings Features:

  • Meticulously crafted in Nashville with a sound that brings mandolins to life
  • Balanced, bright phosphor bronze material — a contemporary favorite with an impressive lifespan!
  • Optimized for stage and studio sound
  • Medium gauge supports punchy strums and low-string runs with additional sustain