Paige Clik Banjo/Mandolin/Ukulele Radius


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Clik Banjo (Fits to 4th Fret)/Mandolin Capo with Radius (PC-B4-1.437-R)

Banjo/Mandolin Capo with 14” radius, direct center-tension design, quick-release mechanism and finish-safe tubing.

The Clik™ gives you easy, one-handed adjustment, an advanced quick-release mechanism, and can be stored behind the nut when not in use.  Plus, the Paige Capo features non-marring tubing at all contact points to protect your instrument’s finish.

 Handmade in America since 1988.


  • Unique patented design

  • Controllable tension

  • No string buzz or muting

  • Moves quickly and easily

  • Conveniently stores behind the nut

How to use:

  • Squeeze sides to open and close the bar making sure it securely locks into place

  • Push the thumb screw to slide and set. Then turn the screw for final precision adjustment.

  • Do not over-tighten

  • Before releasing, turn to loosen the thumb screw. This will relieve the tension and prolong the life of the releasing mechanism. Now ‘Click’ for full release

  • Can store behind the nut when not in use


  • Width: 1 7/16” (1.437)

  • Open Depth: 1 3/16”

  • Closed Depth: 3/4”

  • Radius: Fits to 4th fret max. on a 5 string - 14” radius Same as PC-4B-1.437 except it has a radiused bar


  • PC-B4-1.437-R (UPC Code: 180688000568)

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