LR Baggs HiFi High-fidelity Bridge Plate Pickup System

LR Baggs

  • $199.99

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One of the least invasive acoustic-electric pickup systems that Sweetwater has to offer, the LR Baggs HiFi high-fidelity bridge plate pickup system is designed to capture every nuance of your instrument’s voice, all without modifying its natural acoustic character. Two lightweight peel-and-stick bridge plate sensors produce a mirror image of your guitar’s unplugged tone, with incredible balance, clear articulation, and a highly dynamic feel. Moreover, since the sensors mount directly to the bridge plate instead of the top, the HiFi bridge plate pickup system allows your guitar’s soundboard to resonate to its fullest potential. Finally, the built-in studio preamp system was fine-tuned from the ground up to perfectly pair with the bridge sensors, resulting in a pickup system that offers the utmost sonic authenticity in a plug-and-play package.



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