Lollar Royal T Neck Pickup


  • $130.00

Sometimes, even the most die-hard Tele fan wants to channel their inner Jimi. And we're here to help. Since the metal cover on a Telecaster neck pickup adds grittiness to the sound, we specially designed a custom open-top pickup cover for our Royal T to emulate the Stratocaster neck tone. We also use a special selection of magnet type and length, a unique wind, and 42-gauge heavy build coil wire typically used on Strat pickups. The result is a deeper, clearer, and punchier Strat-colored sound that combines the best of our Blonde and Sixty-Four pickup tones. Try mixing it with our Vintage T Series or Special T Series bridge pickups for spectacular results. Made with Alnico 5 magnets and vintage style cloth covered lead wire.

Avg. DC: Neck 6.2K

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