Lollar Regal Neck Chrome Cover


  • $225.00

The Lollar Regal captures the original tone and wide frequency range of the ’72 Tele® Deluxe pickups—but with some noted improvements to the volume and tonal balance between the neck and bridge pickups. It has has the same footprint as the original wide range pickups*. We offer a Low Wind version of our Regal neck pickup with a tight, percussive low end that pairs well with single coil bridge pickups. Rout dimensions: 3.125" x 1.75".

Avg. DC: Neck 10.7K, Bridge 10.7K


*Please note: The Regal is a custom sized pickup. It's larger than a standard humbucker and uses a different mounting pattern, so it will not fit into a standard humbucker rout, and won't work with standard humbucker mounting rings.

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