K&K Pure Mini w/ Vintage Jack (Synthetic Ivory)


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The Pure Pickup is our award-winning, signature pickup for acoustic guitars. Installed on the guitar's bridge plate, the Pure Pickup is the the best choice for achieving a rich, natural guitar sound -- even without a preamp!

Our customers tell us that it's the best passive pickup on the market, which means it's the perfect plug-and-play solution for the musician who wants a warm, full-range signal without worrying about cluttering up their instrument, adjusting onboard electronics, or having to remember to change the battery.
Pure Mini: 3-head transducer for steel string acoustic guitar

The Vintage Jack is made by Tapastring and lets you enjoy the benefits of having a pickup installed in your instrument without having to worry about drilling out the endpin hole to the 1/2" (12mm) that a full size endpin jack requires.

The Vintage Jack replaces your existing tapered endpin to make your instrument pickup ready. Tapastring has incorporated a Switchcraft 1/8" female output jack into a precision machined end pin. Now you can install pickups in your instrument without having to drill out the end pin hole. Some instruments may require minor fitting work, but this can usually be done with a piece of rolled-up sand paper.

A Vintage Jack is available to fit most guitars equipped with standard taper fit end pins. The Vintage Jack is securely retained by the taper fit of the opposing parts without any adhesives.

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