Michael Kelly TV50 Gold Top Limited Edition

Michael Kelly

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In our first collaboration with T.V. Jones pickups we cooked up this great new 1950s limited edition instrument. The look is simple and elegant, the sound is very much T.V. Jones. Working together with their team we elected to equip this model with their TV Classic set (TV Classic Plus in bridge). These deliver the perfect blend of vintage twang with just enough growl. These really capture the Filter'Tron? of the late 1950s, and early 1960s.

We combine those fine T.V. Jones pickups with an alder body, a hard tail bridge and grover tuners. The neck on this model is our Slight-V profile. This is a little thicker than our standard necks on the 1950s series with a profile that is a little more V-shaped then our typical C-profile. It is really comfortable, still modern for sure, but with a tad more girth. To give this the Michael Kelly treatment we did add a coil-tap for each pickup, so you can quick shift into that single coil tone. Don't miss this very limited edition instrument.

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