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CAIG DeoxIT® is a fast-acting deoxidizing contact treatment solution designed for use as a general treatment for connectors, contacts, and other metal surfaces. DeoxIT chemically improves, rejuvenates, and protects electrical connections for cleaner audio.

• Rejuvenates, protects, lubricates, and improves conductivity
• Reduces intermittent connections, arcing, and RFI as well as wear and abrasion
• Safe for use on all metal connectors and contacts and will not harm plastics

About CAIG DeoxIT D5

What is Contact Treatment?

Electric and/or Electronic contact treatments often come in a sprayable aerosol format, and use a liquid solvent meant to clean connections that experience problems due to contaminants. Such contact treatment solutions are usually designed to evaporate from the connector surface and will remove only surface contaminants such as dust and other debris.

When to Use a Contact Treatment

When you are experiencing crackling, intermittence, or complete loss of signal in your electronics you should use a contact treatment like DeoxIT. Usually, older devices or those exposed to the elements will be at a greater need for treatment and can save lots of money that otherwise would have gone towards replacement parts and repair costs.

When to Use DeoxIT® D-Series

DeoxIT D Series is a different type of contact treatment. Rather than using a solvent designed to evaporate, DeoxIT is a unique formulation that rejuvenates, lubricates and protects electronic connections. DeoxIT remains on the contact surfaces and removes not only the dust and debris, but also the oxidation/corrosion that adheres to the metal surfaces. This is the “DeoxIT Difference” that cannot be duplicated by other contact treatments as they evaporate too quickly to remove this type of oxidation.

Use DeoxIT when your musical equipment is experiencing loss, such as turning a potentiometer or a switch and creating an unpleasant noise, even a cable connector. DeoxIT can be used on an instrument or any other electronic hardware that relies on knobs and switches, which are prone to dust and oxidation from exposure to atmospheric changes. Likewise, if there are any intermittencies in your signal or if your power supplies are not lasting as long as they should, a spray or wipe of DeoxIT will go

Where to Apply CAIG DeoxIT D5

For cables, DeoxIT D5 can be applied directly on the metal connector tip, otherwise you will want to spray directly into the switch or potentiometer and move the switch or twist the knob in order to evenly disperse the solution. To treat a device without the ability to turn a knob, such as a patch bay, you will want to use the CAIG Equipment Care Kit to treat more delicately with a swab.

Benefits of Using CAIG DeoxIT D5

When your electronic connections are faulty, CAIG DeoxIT D5 is a very inexpensive way of treating the problem, rather than the cost of new parts and labor for repairs. It will decontaminate and restore your connections within moments without creating a giant mess or investing hours of delicate care that requires experience or expertise. Not only will DeoxIT contact treatment permit your device to perform up to spec, but it will also add to its lifespan by reducing friction wear and protecting surfaces.

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