Eric Lindberg


Guitar, Bass and Songwriting



For reasons that I can’t fully explain, music has been a part of my life since before I can remember.  I started singing at the age of two and shortly thereafter, began studies on piano and guitar.  I’ve done some pretty cool things in music-performance, recording, songwriting, arranging, working as music director for a multi-platinum artist and, of course, I’ve taught thousands of lessons both in the classroom and in private lesson rooms both in New England and Austin, Texas.  In all of these activities, I strive to deliver experiences that are genuinely meaningful.


Academic Credentials

Johnson State College, Studied Privately with Steve Blair

Professional Experience

Multiple full-length recordings under my own name for Virtuoso Pop Recordings as well as private releases.  Extensive Performance experience in nearly every type of venue ranging from Theaters to Restaurants.  Currently lead the Eric Lindberg Band as well as playing in a variety of duo settings and solo.

Teaching Philosophy

All of the same rules apply to working in any field.  Treat yourself well, set your mind to a course of action.  Be strong, be brave and don’t forget that if it’s fun and meaningful, you’ll win twice!  Practice to practice-you’ll get better as a result.  As one of the world’s leading authorities on Kyokushin Karate once told me “I see we’re teaching the same thing”.  I hope so.


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